The St Mary/St Ouen Battle of Flowers float needs helpers!

Can you spare some time to help out with the 2024 float entered on behalf of St Mary and St Ouen? Help is desperately needed to get it ready in time for Friday 9th August.

If you can spare some time in the day, evening, or weekend, it would be appreciated. The float itself needs to be finished with carpentry work, welding and paint. On the design side, there are hare’s tails to cut, and stick onto pre-shaped objects, papier mache work, wiring shapes, and a whole lot more!

Plus the week before the Battle of Flowers parade, there will be 38,000 flowers to prepare and place on the float.

Be part of the community event, be creative, and have fun. If you’re interested, take a look at the work going on at Meadowbank shed, on the road to the war tunnels, and ask for Karen or Marcus.