St Mary’s Youth and Community Centre

Association of Jersey Charities Membership Number: AJC343 / Registered Charity Number: 183


17th January 2023

Board vacancy: Management Committee Member:

Maintenance Manager


St Mary’s Youth & Community Centre (Centre) is a Registered Charity.  Its purpose is to run the Community Centre for the benefit of the Parishioners of St. Mary and the island community by maintaining:

  • the running of the Centre through self-sufficient means and fundraising events (we need the support from our Community to achieve this); and
  • the property internally and externally.

Duties for the Maintenance Manager:

  • Monthly inspection of St Mary’s Youth and Community Centre for all aspects of Health and Safety;
  • Be first point of contact for any maintenance matters;
  • Manage and coordinate Contractors within budget and timeframes;
  • Update the Management Committee of all maintenance undertakings recording works in the maintenance log; and
  • Support the Management Committee as per requirements.


This is an honorary position as all Management Committee members are volunteers. Ideally suited to someone living in the Parish able to meet at the Centre on an ad hoc basis.  Thank you for your due consideration. 

Please send an email by 1st February 2023 to [email protected]

Tim De Gruchy