Greve de Lecq Update 31 May 2024

The routine tests taken on Tuesday of this week (28 May) have found the seawater quality at Greve de Lecq has returned to “excellent” quality (40 cfu/100ml).

However, samples taken from the stream/outfall at Greve de Lecq continue to return “poor” quality results. 

The Public Health team no longer recommends people avoid swimming in the sea, but continues to advise against playing in/entering the stream/surface water outfall there. Environmental and Consumer Protection advise that pets should also not drink from the stream.

Signage will be removed from the beach entrances as soon as possible, but new signage will go up specifically at the stream. 

Meanwhile, the investigation into the circumstances that led to the elevated levels of E.coli in the sea at Greve de Lecq is active and there will be no further comment from the Regulation team at this time.

Further details about bathing water monitoring can be found on